A medical application for measuring skin elasticity

MicroElastic is a health tech company started by Ph. D. researches at Duke University. They developed a proprietary technology to accurately measure skin elasticity with ultrasound waves. I was brought on to help develop the technology into a commercial product.

Live Interactive Demo

Please Note: Some features in this demo are disabled due to a lack of a live server and an active connected hardware device.

microelastic heatmap sws 2

The Technology

MicroElastic's main differentiator is its ultrasound technology and AI processing. With this technology we can accurately quantify skin elasticity and thickness anywhere on the body with a proprietary, non-invasive hardware device.

Skin elasticity is directly related to skin health and many aspects of aging. It can also be a valuable early predictor of disease. With such tech, we can finally turn qualitative assessments of one's skin into quantitate ones and make actionable decisions. This has huge implications for healthcare, science, research, and aesthetic dermatology.

In addition to skin elasticity and thickness, MicroElastic also collects photos of the skin as well as 3D texture samples in order to better quantify the skin at all locations on the body.

The Mission

The goal of this project was to take this very promising technology and come up with a plan to develop it into a valuable product.

Who Is Our Target Customer?

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Medical Device Technicians
  • Researchers

MicroElastic is building the data-driven future of precision dermatology by developing a handheld device that uses ultrasound to instantly quantify the physical properties of skin, replacing subjective manual palpation that is currently used in clinical practice. Our platform will unlock the potential of skin properties to be used for precision medicine, improving patient care and extending lives for patients with heretofore challenging-to-stage disease.

microelastic hardware

Video Walkthrough

microelastic heatmap skin thickness